CVDAUG 'Chippewa Valley Digital Arts User Group' welcomes you

Greetings and thanks for your interest!

The Chippewa Valley has such a great community of support and social groups, and we wanted to extend it further with a Digital Arts Group. A big thanks for CVNUG (a user group for programming and the .net community) who does an amazing job and for supporting CVDAUG. We hope to be as successful.

CVDAUG is presented by Green Gear Designs, a local & new Website Design Team in Eau Claire. They work closely with Small Businesses, local Universities and Technical College’s constructing website and offering internships.

CVDAUG's goal is to provide a free and open environment, where the DA (digital arts) community: Industry’s Experts, Design Specialists, Hobbyist’s, Students can come and share our experiences and discuss our challenges with other like-minded individuals in our field. Along the way, we also hope to expand our members field of expertise into new areas of Digital Arts for self-improvement, versatility and a broadening for your professional pursuits.

So here is to us, and to a successful group!

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